Frank DiCarlo


When I retired from being an engineer/project manager in 2010, I had planned to occupy some of my time restoring antique clocks.

However, watching Stuart Mortimer create his “spiral shapes” on a chance visit to the Ingliston Woodworking Show that year convinced me I had to try this. So by the end of the year I had a lathe, a few tools and a copy of Keith Rowley’s Foundation Course. I am now a member of two clubs, whose characteristics are quite different. I also have a wood pile that dominates my workshop and garden.

Without doubt the woodworking community have some of the most helpful folks around, always willing to help a newcomer and to share techniques with others. If you have not tried it, you should come along to a couple of our meetings and see if it suits you. It is one of those hobbies where you are limited only by your imagination and you can either work alone or with others as you want.